Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Week in Pictures

So much has gone on, I have been going non-stop ...and since I haven't had time to blog, I will give you the week in review in pictures.

Monday early in the A.M.: Tonsillectomy for the Little Man

Monday all day and night: In the hospital recovering

Tuesday: Went with The Teenager to his new school to work out his daily commute via light rail and bus . He did it the rest of the week all by himself! I can't believe school starts next week!

Wednesday: Laundry, cleaning and caring for the patient (not really picture worthy stuff).

Thursday: Kombucha making day - 3 gallons worth- I'm going to be so healthy!

Friday: Rattle My Bones Scooter Rally at Blue Cat Motors. Friday night was a BBQ and dance with music spun by DJ Aaron who spun the best ska and reggae all night long!

Saturday day: Rattle my bones continues with competitive scooter games.

Hard core scooter guys lining up for the "scooter pull".

Saturday night: Going away party for my good friend HG who is moving to NYC in a week. The events of my days and weeks will be greatly altered once she goes. I will miss her dearly.

Sunday: Rattle my bones continues...a 2 hour scooter ride along the beautiful streets of the Twin Cities. Took a picture with my cell phone but not quite sure how to get that here.

Here are some of the cool scooters that participated in the rally.



Pat said...

Those scooters are all really outfitted!

Hope your little guy is feeling better!

I also hope your girlfriend enjoys living in NYC -- is she renting in Manhattan or one of the boroughs? Before she knows it she'll be a "New Yawker" :-)

steviewren said...

It looks like life has been really busy for you since I last checked in on you. The anniverary picture of you and the Professor is fabulous...honey he is a keeper!

What in the world is kombucha?

Hope your little man is feeling well!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Pat, The scooters are cool aren't they?

My friend is moving to the upper east side of Manhattan. She got a great deal on an apartment that she is going to sub-let. I told her about your blog but she is not a blogger so I will have to get your info to her somehow.

I hope to visit NYC during X-mas break.

Steviewren- Thanks. Yes, I think The Professor and I will be together for another 10.

Kombucha is a type of tea that has a bunch of healing can buy it at health food stores and now I am making my own. It is along the lines of making your own beer.

steviewren said...

What is the tea made of? What is it good for? And more importantly, how does it taste? I've been trying to drink apple cider vinegar for the health properties....if it goes down fast it isn't so bad.

gary rith said...

a shark sidecar, is that what I saw?

Lex Ham Rand said...

Wow - great pictures.

Hey, I think I saw you today walking down Como Avenue w/two other women by the State Fair. I was the goofy guy on the bicycle behind you with the purple helmet and sunglasses. I was trying to "commute" home through that bottleneck - what a mistake!

The people watching was superb, though! I would have said "hi" but explaining the whole "I know you from your blog" thing seemed a tad too complicated for the situation.

And if it wasn't you, you have a twin!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Steviewren - It is made of teas - green, white or black and then some sugar and the "mother" or "daughter" fungus. Sounds gross but it is not. Someone described as tasting like an '80's wine cooler. Vinegary. It is good for digestion, skin, energy...just about everything.

Gary - Sharky you saw...yes indeedy.

Lex Ham Rand - OMG...that was YOU? I wish you would have said something but I can see how it would have been weird. I kept wondering why you didn't go around us?? Too FUNNY! I'll check your blog to see if you blogged about the weirdos at the Fair.

Lex Ham Rand said...

Oh, I wasn't stalking you. I was worried about running over a toddler (on the sidewalk) or getting hit by a bus (in the street.) It was easier to take it slow. No more biking on Como until the State Fair is done!

I'm "working" at the fair today and will be taking photos - will probably post this weekend.

Kappa no He said...

What fun. And you drink kombucha. I didn't think that had made it outside Japan. Cool! You have some of the best weeks, man!