Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Man Update

We have made it out of the dark tunnel. This wasn't done alone. It was done with an incredible amount of love and healing energies from people near and far, people close to us and people I might not even know.

The Little Man is walking again. He is without walker or crutch. He has a slight leg length difference (his left leg is 3 cm shorter than is right) that he didn't have before, so he wobbles a bit. The doctors say that this should correct itself in 1-2 years. All regular activities have pretty much resumed although mom is a bit hesitant to allow sledding, skating etc...The Little Man though is resilient and oblivious to his wobble or what he has gone through.

At Gillette in October just after break

I guess this is the light that the nine year old holds...he is very much in the present (although he has already been planning his double digit birthday coming up this summer). The Little Man has physical therapy twice a week now. One day is land therapy at Gillette Children's Hospital and the other day is water therapy.

Water Therapy started in late November

Going to Gillette weekly, I see how lucky we are. The Little Man is walking, unlike so many who will never walk. He talks, unlike many who will never utter a word.

Minnesotans complain a lot about the weather. This incident has converted me from a fellow commiserator to a daily gratitude giver. I wake up thankful for all the little things. I am thankful for the snow, the cold, my heated home with warm bed covers that are soft and fluffy. I get out of that bed every day and I am thankful that I can. I walk out the door on my own each day...unassisted. I eat... unassisted. I taste delicious foods. I have a variety of food to chose from. How LUCKY is that?!

Yes, very thankful...for all the little things.