Thursday, August 21, 2008

Late night, Pandora and gin

What more can one ask for?

If you haven't checked out Pandora internet are missin' out! It is customized radio at your fingertips and it is FREE. Well, as free as what you are already paying for your internet. You type in a song or an artist you want to listen to and then it finds songs similar to the song you asked for along with songs from that artist or the song you wanted to hear.

I should be sleeping soon but there is really nothing like being a little tipsy and listening to great tunes on your computer late at night while the whole house is asleep.

Buenas Noches....zzzzzzzzz


gary rith said...

I couldn't sleep last night myself--a snoring beagle will do that.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Gary -Dog's snores can be loud, can't they? Now, I'm tired for the weekend...oh well.

gary rith said...

and little beagles like to get up early too

Kappa no He said...

Hey Gary (up there) I have a snoring beagle, too!

I am so going to check out that Pandora. I'm always looking for good Internet radio. Thanks!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Good to see you again Terri.

Do check out Pandora. Lately I'm bummed because I found out that my workplace blocked internet radio...WTF!!