Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Etch- A -Sketch Prodigy

Ok - I suppose every parent thinks that their child is talented, special and fairly smart. I am no different. BUT... the Little Man, who is nine and in a cast is freakishly talented. No, he is not reading "Being and Nothingness" by Jean Paul Sartre or doing quantum physics...he is creating amazing pictures on Etch-A-Sketch! You know, the magnetic thing that uses one continuous line!

Now, if you have read my earlier blogs and have seen pictures of my house you will see the resemblance. This is a picture of our house, trees, bushes, wood-chip paths and all! I barely can write my name legibly on Etch-A-Sketch. Now, please tell me if I am blowing this out of proportion but I have never seen an Etch-A-Sketch picture like this...well, only in the movie "Elf". Pretty cool.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MN 80's music - here's to you Gary

The Professor and I watched the B52's on Gary's brought us waaaayyy back. The Professor said as he watched, he could smell the smells of the time.

As he and I are both very passionate about music we thought we would share one of The Professor's all time favorite bands of the 80's. He once wrote a personal note to Chan Poling, who is now in "The New Standards" and he wrote back. Beej Cheney is one of his all time guitar heroes.

Feel the feelings and taste the flavor of the 80's.