Thursday, March 25, 2010

I only have time for poems...


The caw in the naked crook
fears black
the chill of the wind
scars my naked breast

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Putting some poetry out there again. Not sure if they are quite finished. What do you think?

Poor Man’s Special

Sorrow, the bitter glass of chardonnay
beach boys tinned ceiling décor
my weary elbows rest on the robbers countertop
stuck to the spot, the black hole of my existence
surrounded by Monkeys, the poor man’s special at the door.


You’ve put me in solitary confinement; duck tape mouth and platypus feet
I am the excessive sense of self importance drizzled over a peanut buster parfait
Your shadowy creaking slippers cannot hypnotize me no more
Cannot hypnotize me no more
I sensed your absence from my side
Dredged from the talk show in my mind, David Letterman as God
Even children get champagne
It’s my revival - full of splendor and magnificence
Straight jacketed fervor boiled brew.