Monday, November 12, 2007

Beckham is HOT!

My mother-in-law got my oldest son and I tickets to the LA Galaxy vs. MN Thunder game at the dome yesterday. They both performed pregame with a group primarily from Metro State for Veterans day so we got in free. They came onto the field and made a giant U.S.A. with people. It was pretty cool.

BUT...the BEST part of going to the game was seeing David Beckham! Boy, is he HOT! Nice smile, athletic, British. Now, I don't have a great camera, especially for motion so these are the best I could do...

Ok, here you can see the tattoo on the back of his neck as he passed me.

And here, you can see his cute little beeehind :)

The MN Thunder played an awesome game and LOOKED better than the Galaxy. They lost in a shoot out but I never did like that rule. I don't think it necessarily determines who the better team is. Beckham can't quite bend it like he used to but he sure does draw a crowd. Over 20,000 people attended the game last night. That is awesome for soccer in MN.