Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have you thought about hiring an attorney??

This was my one and only line in a commercial I shot today. I'm not getting any money for this but it is a potential spring board for other projects from this talent agency that called me to do this shoot.

You usually meet nice people when you do this kind of work. Many times you have a lot of down time to get to know them. I generally like other actors. I guess we have some gene in common. Today I met a woman who makes a living acting. That's cool! It is what I aspire to do someday (if I have the guts). My goal this school year is to do as much acting on the side that I am able and to make some money doing it.

The money is the reason I sent my head shot to eight agencies in the area. As much as I love theatre, unless you have a lot of time to devote to it, it doesn't pay. Print work, industrials and commercials do pay and they take relatively less time. Also, as I started looking around at all the advertising there is out there, I figured, hey, they NEED me! I am a healthy 40 year old women with dark hair who can represent many "groups" of people. I can be "Mom", I can be "Hispanic", "Jewish", "Generation X", "Italian", "White", "Single", "Married"...no one really knows what I am.

Today, I was "Friend #1". Today, I was a white, middle class 40 something woman who walks in her suburban neighborhood with a friend and gives her good advise, "Have you thought about hiring an attorney?"


gary rith said...

oh baby! congrats!!!! I know a famous 40 year old actress!

steviewren said...

I love that you are pursuing your dream! Nice that you are so generic (of course not really : )and qualify for so many different types of roles. Good luck!

Hilary said...

Well that's exciting.. I'm sure it's tough to break into that field, but there you are with a toe in the door. Best of luck! :)

Lucas said...

I know a good lawyer. Of course, he's also a Pirate; but who couldn't use an evil Pirate lawyer? I've always found him to come in handy! ;)

Best of luck getting work, but with head shots like yours, really, you can't lose!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

GR- Not quite famous but yes, an actress.

Steviewren- Yes, I'm glad I'm doing it because otherwise I would have life regrets. Thanks for the support.

Hilary- I'm excited about it. We'll see what happens.

Lucas - Up with Pirates!! BTW - Need to set a date with you to do new, color shots.

Lucas said...

Bring it on! August looks wide open for me!