Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There has been a lot of celebrating going on at the Lupe Lu house. We have had a variety of events to go to celebrating other people's accomplishments. We have also had things within our family to celebrate.

Lucas wrote in her blog that we need to celebrate the small stuff more often. I agree that there are things that happen everyday that we need to celebrate. LIKE...

Having babies.

Ilona Caroline born July 20, 2008. My new niece. I'm an AUNTIE!

The little man has a new baby cousin to care for.
Getting new jobs.

The Captain is getting his dream job flying for Southwest

Turning one year older.
The Professor and Kris celebrate their belated 40th year.

Fresh paint and new designs.

The freshly painted and redecorated library. Lace curtain from SAVERS and closet curtain from HG. Flowers from The Professor.

From another angle. Our new bookshelf. Just love it!

Fun co-workers.

Getting together with my co-workers this weekend was not just for the birds :)

Food on my plate.

This has been my favorite breakfast/brunch of late. Bacon, toast, over-medium eggs, greens, OJ and chai. Mmmmmmm. Don't forget the Tabasco sauce.

And healing.

The teenager has been relaxing with new XBOX games while he heals.


gary rith said...

Hey, the young gentleman has a broken arm, but what a great smile!!!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

GR- Collar bone but the arm is hard to move too - I guess it is all attached hence it feels better to have the arm close to his body. Yes he does have a nice smile...thanks for checking in!

Lucas said...

LOVE all the celebrating! Doesn't it feel good to just recognize what is good in life? It especially helps when things may seem not so good! Hope you are feeling better! :)

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Lucas - It does feel good! Things are looking up thanks to all the good friends I have. Thanks Lucas!

Kappa no He said...

How exciting! Babies and dream jobs, birthdays and X-box healing. I love the library, too. I have that Joan Jett album back home...the one displayed up top.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Kappa no he - Joan rocks! Cool you caught that! Thanks for visiting.