Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What was HE doing in my dreams?

I'm not a HUGE Rolling Stones fan. The Professor is. He does have a picture of "Keif" hanging in the study. I was thinking about music before I fell asleep. The Professor IS gone so...maybe all these random things came together in my subconscious and created this bizarre dream where Keith Richards and I were together.

I don't remember that last dream I had with a celebrity in it. I used to dream about David Letterman a lot (in my 20's). I know this sounds strange but every David Letterman dream I had (and I did not have a crush on him during my waking hours)was a all encompassing "love" dream. When I woke, I just felt loved. It was never a sexual dream, just a good feeling dream that said, "you are loved for who you are". It was just strange that the person giving me this message came in the form of a late night talk show host.

How about you all? Who is in YOUR dreams?


gr said...

I posted a Stones video yesterday. You know, all those guys are pretty ugly, except Charlie the drummer--he's cool.
I dreamt we had another dog--which would be number 4--a little bulldog puppy. Soooo cute..

Latin Lupe Lu said...

gr- I would agree but BOY I sure hope I can move like Mick or Keith when I am their age! 4 DOGS?! WOW. We have one...Lupe...she's 11.

steviewren said...

I never have good dreams. I am so jealous. I think I would be a happier person if I had a better quality dream...what da ya think? How can I fix that?