Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joy Division video made me think of YAZ

I was listening to a lot of music today while I was painting the house. I was actually listening to the 4 disc set of Los Lobos...who are one of my all time favorite bands. They usually come to the Twin Cities annually and The Professor and I always go.

Well, as I was surfing the blogs tonight, I came across a blog that had a Joy Division video, "Love will Tear Us Apart". That brought me WAY back. So, I was going to put that video on my blog but I thought, I don't want to be a copy cat, so I starting looking for other old '80's tunes that I could put on. Joy Division made me think of Book of Love which made me think of YAZ. I found this on YouTube...another fav.


gr said...

Hola, 4L, thanks for visiting and linking! (and for the compliments)
Hey, I was a special ed teacher once, too, but you can guess my job now.
INTJ, btw.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

gr- you're welcome. Potting probably better suits the INTJ in you :)
Keep in touch.

Amy said...

Awwwwwww! I wanted to see the Joy Division video!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Amy - Click on the "a blog" in the post and it will link you to the blog where the Joy Division video is.