Monday, June 16, 2008

Ticking off the miles

Ok. Since last week, I've gone 5 miles in the pool. The Y near my house has the outdoor pool which is a 50 meter pool and makes the laps go by quicker because there are less of them to equal a mile. I have to do 16 laps for a mile.

The little man is taking swimming lessons this week and while he is learning his strokes, I will be doing mine in the outdoor pool.

It is quiet in the house with both of the big boys gone. The little man and I are enjoying some quality time. He is so independent, more of an introvert. I go about the house work and he will just occupy himself for hours in his room creating and drawing fabulous stories and characters. I have to remind myself to engage with him so that he doesn't feel totally ignored. Although, he is the kind of kid who will tell me if he does with full dramatic effect.


steviewren said...

Congrats on keeping up with the exercise. Your little man sounds very creative! I can't wait to see what pictures your camera takes on its vacation.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Steviewren- Yes, he is. I'll have to take pictures of some of art he has created and post it (when the camera gets back from Vietnam). YOU are a very good artist by the way. It is awesome what you do in your calendar!