Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back on the air and swimming

I am officially on VACATION! Yipee! It still has not set in yet. I still feel the traditional panic I feel on the weekend. It's Sunday, and I have so MUCH to do before I have to go to work tomorrow...but wait....then I remembered....I DON'T have to go to work tomorrow! If I wanted to, I could SLEEP all day (sure I would have to ignore the kids and dog) BUT I COULD do it!

I swam outdoors last night and it felt GREAT! The outdoor pool at the Y is open and it is an olympic size pool. It is going to be great for me to practice my laps outside and in a longer pool because I have decided that I am going to do a mini-triatholon this summer, maybe two! Swimming outside in a pool better simulates a lake and that is where I will be swimming when I do the triatholon.

I did reach my lengths goal. A little later then I had wanted to. I think I probably acheived it during the first week in June...not bad. I am going to continue to have the same goal of 2 miles per week for the month of June. If I find I have more time, I might make it 3 miles per week.

I am thrilled to be back blogging. I have a bunch of photos to share from days gone past. I am SOOO happy I found my camera. That might be another story for another time.

Feliz domingo todo el mundo


steviewren said...

Summer vacation, nothing is better! Glad to see you are back. I am sooooooo jealous of your extended break from work. I really need time to be lazy and creative and recharge my batteries. Have fun today.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Thanks Steviewren. I did have fun. Hung out with my boys, watched 2 soccer games, swam at the Y and finished a movie. My teenager even said, "thanks for coming to watch my games mom." How sweet is that?

Hilary said...

Yay you for swimming laps and reaching goals. And even bigger YAY for having a teen that appreciates you. :)

Lucas said...

You are getting so close to your goal Lupe! Awesome!