Thursday, May 29, 2008

Off the air...but will be back June 7th

The blog will be up and running after June 7th. Until then I am swamped with the duties of a special education teacher finishing up the year and the responsibilites of a mother getting through the end of two school years with my boys.

I have some great pictures I want to share with you but am not able to put them on at work (which is where I am writing from most of the time). I have also misplaced my camera...eeeek! I know it is SOMEWHERE - had it this past weekend in Lanesboro. I have awesome pictures from my biking adventures along the southernly trails of MN - soon as I find my camera and school ends, I will share them with you.

Please stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program!


steviewren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. You made me laugh to think that you call up to your son in the bath to make sure he hasn't been sucked down the drain by some unknown creature! And your (well-deserved) resentment of your younger sister...I think we must have some kind of cosmic connection going on. My daughter is a special ed teacher, I once made an ATC of her in Warhol's style(noticed your self-portrait) I convincing you of that connection yet?

I'll be watching for more posts on your blog. As for now, good luck with the end of your school year.

Hilary said...

Best of luck LLL. I'll look forward to checking out new posts when you're less rushed.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Steviewren- I felt the same cosmic connection when I read your blog. Wild that your daughter is a special ed teacher. Yes, and even though you are in the south and I am in the north - we may have been seperated at birth :) Talk to you soon.

Hilary - Thanks so much. I found my digital camera 2 days ago and took some cool flower shots and thought of your lovely nature photos. I am already starting to feel less rushed (as I lounge here on my sofa looking out at the misty day and think about going to the Farmer's Market) - It's 9:30 am and I am just getting up!