Monday, April 7, 2008

The Woman of Hwy 52...AGAIN

It's a sign, some kind of message. I saw the Hwy 52 woman again just the other day. She had her guitar out, staring into the wind and I think I saw a sign attached to the fence that secures the walkway about the highway. Again, I saw her for only a few seconds as I whizzed by at 55 mph and I could not read what the sign said. But even though I couldn't read the sign, to me, it was a sign that said, " Carrie, this is for YOU! Get your act together because you know what you need to do in life if you just pay attention!"

It dawned on me today that this woman who stands on the walking bridge over Hwy 52 with her guitar was the initiator of my first blog. I didn't know what to write about when I first started this but she was my muse. Seeing her again has given me reason to write once more. I have been away too long, feeling as if my life was uneventful, boring and down right DULL. What is there to write about? Who really cares and reads this thing anyway? Plus, now that I am teaching I don't have hours behind the computer with nothing to do. I am busier than I want to be most of the time. So much so that is hard to think.

Seeing her was a sign. This theme of "women" keeps coming up for me and I need to take heed. Community is another theme. Communication. These are the things I need to pay attention to and to build around. There is something waiting for me. The right path, the perfect place for me to blossom, to feel at home and at peace. I thank you Woman of Hwy 52 for bringing me back to my creative calling and for urging me on to my Life's Path.

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Lucas said...

Hey Lupe! I'm reading! Thanks for the new entry. I also enjoy your new picture "Trapped by Life". Funny. Keep on writing. The creative have a gift at making the mundane entertaining.