Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cold Scooter Mornings and New Car Nights

I love fall weather even if it isn't officially fall yet. Crisp, cool air and sunshine in the sky is the reason I live in Minnesota. I would wish for fall year round but then I wouldn't appreciate it like I do or look forward to it after stifling hot August days.

This is the new territory for me and scooter riding. I ride the scooter to work in the morning and my professor husband rides it home in the evening. This allows each of us a turn at riding it daily and also allows us to fulfill our parental responsibilities of driving the small child to school and bringing him home in the afternoon.

I have found I enjoy the morning drive. I take the scenic route, not the freeway and because I leave at an un-Godly hour of the morning, there is usually little traffic. You really feel a part of everything when you are moving through the air at 30+ mph. The smells in the air this time of year are generally good ones, wood burning, grilling, morning dew. Every so often you do get the bad river smell but having lived near the Mississippi all my life, I'm used to it.

Now, 50 degree weather is not too bad for riding the scooter, I don my wine colored leather jacket, my cycle gloves and I feel very cozy. was in the 40's! Riding the scooter in 40 degree weather FEELS a weeeeee bit nippy!! It actually feels below freezing. By the time I got to work (a 25 minute ride)I could NOT feel my fingers and my legs were pure ice!

Thank goodness for this neck scarf that I wore up to my goggles to keep my face warm. I found these leather gloves on the sidewalk and have inserted stretchy gloves inside for warmth but they didn't do the kind of job I needed yesterday.

This is me arriving at work after a not so chilly ride today.
This is me YESTERDAY after I removed all the head wear. Tired and frozen! I decided that I wouldn't put on my eye makeup until I get to work because my eyes water while riding and I look REALLY scary when that happens. I look really scary here as well but remember....this is very early in the morning frozen me!

My ride home from work these days is just as enjoyable - minus the cold. We sold our 2000 Buick Regal that we bought a year ago from my dad and stepmom. Our reasons for doing this were the same reason we bought the scooter...fuel efficiency! With a mini-van AND a luxury sedan we were spending a small fortune on gas. Financially and environmentally we just couldn't do it anymore. My sister inspired us first by purchasing a 2007 automatic red Toyota Yaris and we followed suit. Ours is a 2007 manual, blue Yaris and we just love it! The boys are big enough now that it is not an issue of getting them in and out of the car easily - they do it themselves now. A lot of the time I am driving just one child to activities or myself from place to place so we don't need anything big for city driving anymore. Right now the van sits on the street in the company of other "second" cars and waits for long rides and camping trips...I'm not sure that the Yaris could pull the pop-up camper but you never know.

Here is "Blue" head on, smiling for her satisfied owner.

This is her from the side. Small child says she looks like a bug. I'm sure Volkswagen would have issues with that.

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Amy said...

Ah, no, you will not be able to tow the popup trailer with your Yaris. I don't think you can tow anything with it as it doesn't have a hitch and comes with specific instructions that it's max cargo load is 700lbs. BUT I can tell you that if you want to go on a three week camping trip by yourself, you can fit ALL YOU NEED in it and then some! I even stored stuff in with the spare tire! And I suppose if you didn't have all your maps and shoes and cameras in the passenger seat (easy access stuff!), you could store your husband there too and make it a trip for two! LOL!