Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Gathering of Neighbors

National Night Out was last night. Our block and surrounding blocks have active neighbors who enjoy a good party. We have put on a big shindig for 3-4 years now, complete with games, prizes, a pinata and lots of food!
Street decorations

Our homemade lion pinata

The three-legged race

This year there were 100 hot dogs and 37 burgers grilled and consumed. Our next-door neighbor John, so graciously grills annually without complaint. Word must have gotten around among anyone under 15 because I saw kids that I have NEVER seen before...I guess you just say the two magic words, "FREE FOOD" to bring people together.

Neighbors, like family, are people you don't chose but are in your life whether you like it or not. We live in a diverse urban neighborhood that has it's common city problems; poverty, crime, gangs and drugs. We are fortunate that some of the nicest city folk live on our block and want to work to protect peaceful city living. They donated their time, their meager resources and tons of energy to make National Night Out a fun, safe and attractive evening for all people from all walks of life. So, with that said, enjoy the photos from our successful event.

Station 6 paramedics visited and let us sit in the ambulance!

Lining up for the water balloon toss.

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