Thursday, August 9, 2007

' 70's TV junky!

I thought I was a lot older when I was watching these shows. Researching it, I found out that I was 7 - 11 years brain washing age. '70's TV was a daily part of my life. As I watched the old footage of these series, I remembered each scene vividly, like it was yesterday. You have to wonder how did these images, the portrayal of these "super women" influence my life, my choices, my psyche.

I forgot how Wonder Woman got her powers...this explains it all...During World War II, a pilot, Major Steve Trevor, bails out during an air battle over the Bermuda Triangle, home of Paradise Island. The island houses Amazons, beautiful, ageless women with great strength, agility, and intelligence. Amazon princess Diana rescues Trevor, and proposes a contest to return him to America, where she will remain to help the Allied forces. Her mother, the Amazon queen, is dead set against Diana being the one to go. So Diana enters the contest in disguise (a blond wig), and ties for first. The play-off is bullets and bracelets, where each of the two take turns shooting at the other, who must try to deflect the bullets. Diana successfully deflects all the shots at her, but her opponent deflects a few but is injured by one. So Diana wins, and then removes her wig and reveals her identity, and proclaims her loyalty and love to her people, her queen and mother. Her mother agrees to send her with her blessing.

The other show that I loved was the Bionic Woman which premiered in Jan. 1976 and ran until May 1978. The Bionic Woman was a spin off the Six Million Dollar Man which I also watched religiously. Jamie Sommers was a tennis professional who got seriously hurt in a sky diving accident. Oscar Goldman and Rudy Wells, who built Steve Austin rebuild Jamie to give her amplified hearing, a greatly strengthened right arm, and enhanced legs, enabling her to run faster than a speeding car.

Check out this scary episode clip!

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