Monday, August 27, 2007

Anniversary month

August 8th was our 9th wedding anniversary. We unfortunately spent this day apart. Tom had to be in D.C. for work. I figured I make the best out of it and treat myself extra special that day. I started out the day having breakfast on my way to work in a cute little joint in Dinkytown called "Al's Breakfast". I probably would have never walked into this place, it is barely noticeable and it looks like a real greasy spoon but one day my dad and I got together to have lunch and he wanted breakfast. Al's only serves breakfast and what my dad wants, my dad usually gets, he's 77 years old, I figure he deserves it. To my surprise, Al's was more than a greasy spoon, their breakfasts were tasty and what I consider to be healthy. I had scrambled eggs with spinach and feta cheese and a side of whole wheat toast. I haven't gone there often but on my anniversary I thought it would be a nice treat.

Inside Al's is a row of stools, maybe fifteen of them. If there isn't a seat available, you wait against the wall behind the stools and try to be as skinny as possible. As soon as someone gets up, you let them squeeze out and dash for the stool.

I don't mind eating alone in fact I find it peaceful and inspirational. I like to take everything in, see what is going on and study people. Sometimes you even meet someone new. The man that I was sitting next to was having breakfast with his friend. We started up a conversation after the server saw us both talking on our cell phones and asked if we were talking to one another. I was being a moderator for my arguing children on MY phone. We started to talk about life, our children, our jobs. We could have chatted away most of the day. In the end, he told me to have a happy anniversary and bought my breakfast! I love those random acts of kindness.

Having breakfast at Al's with the kind stranger and his friend on my wedding anniversary.

Our celebration had to wait a couple weeks. We decided that we would officially celebrate the night of the Los Lobos concert. We had the tickets for months, they were playing at the Zoo.

It was perfect. Our very first date was at the Zoo, how much more romantic could that be?

Of course we had to have Mexican food prior to the show. Tom wanted to go somewhere close to the venue - not many Mexican food choices out in the burbs. It had to be the only Chevy's left in MN out by MOA. It had been quite some time since we had been out on a date.

Tom called this a "manage a trois".

This is my favorite entree when dining at a Mexican/American restaurant, cheese enchiladas with rice and beans. I ate the WHOLE thing!

After dinner we proceeded to the parking lot of the MN Zoo for a little tailgating. I can always count on my betrothed to surprise me with his graceful touches to add to a fun filled evening. He had just the right pre-concert music playing, The Paladins mixed in with a little KFAI reggae and St. Germaine. The cooler was fully stocked with my favorite brand of wine.

The moon was almost full and with a black reboza, I twirled in the moonlight.

The concert was AWESOME! Tom and I have been to see Los Lobos numerous times over the last twelve years - although the Zoo is not the best place to enjoy them full bodied. I had to move from my cramped seating arrangement about 4 songs into it because I was smack in the middle of a row of bleacher - sequestered people whom I was bound to elbow and knee as I danced to the beat of a cumbia. The dancers were down front on the stairs. I danced the night away and as per usual for Los Lobos, they let a few of the women up front hop up on the stage to strut their stuff. I had always wanted to do this in the past and what a better way to make this evening memorable, so I jumped to the stage and danced with the band ...

a photographer/blogger is always prepared for moments like these!

Me and Steve Berlin, Los Lobos keyboardist and saxophone player.

Me and Conrad Lozano, bass player for Los Lobos.

Ah, but the night didn't end there! After having seen these guys so many times and in so many places, I started to introduce myself to the road hands. I met Tony a few years back when they played at the Guthrie and had to say hi to him again. I told him to thank the band for letting me come up on stage and dance. He told me to go and tell them myself and proceeded to escort me to the after-show portable where the band hangs out. I quickly waved down Tom to get his ass by me before he was left behind.

I'd like to say that there is nothing cooler than "hangin' with the band". In good faith, I can't say this for Los Lobos. We've gotten to go backstage once before when they played at The Cabooze and it was the same, very anti-climatic. My guess is that is probably very draining being on the road, that you have hundreds of people, like myself, that you don't know, trying to get to know you - so you just smile, nod, don't give them any information and soon they go away. So, that was that.

The night didn't end on a bad note. From there we had been invited to a friend's birthday party that went into the wee hours of the morning. The boys spent the night at Grandma's house so we didn't have to hurry home AND we were allowed the luxury of sleeping in late the next morning. THIS is good because I don't do the 3 in the morning very well anymore and it usually takes me a week to recover.

It's now Monday and I could use a vacation from my anniversary outing.


Lucas said...

Happy Anniversary SC! Sounds like a fabulous evening for you both. Long live the G-D family!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Thanks Lucas. Tell me how to do that picture by your comments. I like that!

Lucas said...

Golly, I did that soooo long ago I don't remember how I did it. I'll try and figure it out though and if I do, I'll email you.