Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hwy 52 sighting

I saw her again. The rock and roller who feels so passionate about music that she wants to share it with every commuter the passes under the walkway over Hwy 52 between Concord St. and Butler Ave. Not quite sure how she plugs in that Fender - she had a microphone this time but no amp. She's like clockwork. It was close to 5:00 the last time I saw her and again, as I passed under the bridge I glanced at my car clock, 4:45. Does she play the same song? Does she have a repertoire? It's too bad no one can hear her. The next time I see her, do I drive to where the walkway starts, get out of my car and listen? Maybe that is the point she is trying to make... are we hearing each other or is there just too much noise?

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Les from NZ said...

Hi There.

I'm Les, an Aussie who'se livedn in New Zealand fo ryears. I stubled across your blog and was intrigued by the lady rocker posting...and then by your more recent postings of the little man being now OK, which were very heartening.

Have you ever seen/blogged th elady since July 2007? Please let me know..

Cheers, Les Elmer