Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From the mouth of babes...

My 8 year old son is very wise...an old soul. He says things that you wouldn't believe have come from a child's mouth. Yet then again it seems to me that children in general say the wisest things. The profoundness of his thoughts is the inspiration for me starting this blog. I have been thinking about blogging for some months now, first inspired by Petite Flower's site. So, here it goes...
After weeks of summer vacation where he could stay up late (until 10:00 is very late for him) and enjoy the long summer days...not go to bed until dark (again, 9:30-10:00 CDT) and sleep in the morning until it so moved him to get up, this week he has had to wake up at 6:30 am to go to "Camp Runestone for Wizards". He likes the camp, for he may have been a wizard in another life, BUT he does not like getting up in the morning. He is a bit like his mother that way.
After pulling off his covers, turning on the light and gently telling him it is time to get up, he still does not open his eyes. I pull out his clothes for the day, plop them on his bed and again gently say, "time to wake up", now with a back rub and a tickle. He moans, grumbles that he is sooo tired, opens his eyes for a brief moment and then closes them again. This is about the time I finish getting myself ready and come back for another try in 5-10 minutes.
We finally get to the point in our morning where we are in the car, we have dropped off his brother at work and we are headed down the city street to Camp Runestone. We haven't said much in the car for the ten or so blocks we have gone. The radio is off and all we hear is the hum of the engine and the wheels turning on new blacktop.
The wise sage speaks from the back,
"Yes," I say.
"I like it in the morning when we are riding along and it is quiet like this and we have nothing to talk about and the smell of the morning dew is in the air. We look at new houses, no one is mowing their lawn (long pause)...I like that feeling."
"Yes," I say. "That is a wonderful feeling."

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