Friday, April 16, 2010

Winter Memories

The family went snow tubing this winter with the little man's school at a place we have never been to before.

This was snow tubing like no other snow tubing I have ever seen. No trudging back up the hill with your tube, a moving sidewalk carried you and your tube effortlessly up the hill to repeat the cycle again and again...swiftly down and effortlessly up. As you can see in the video, they even had snow banks on the side so that there was no worry about killing each other as you flew down the hill...very safe, LOVED IT!

The Professor relished this event (as you can see, he was deprived as a child)with multiple solo runs with the little "Flip" camera.

I wanted to go down together as I find these events more fun in groups but for my introvert husband, he found more joy in the solo adventure. Either way it was a beautiful day that I remember fondly.

We even got the sullen teenager to tube once or twice after sitting out for hours.

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