Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They're creepy and they're kookie...

The Adams Family. Didn't we all love that show? Well, now my 10 year old loves it. He love it so much that it is all he can talk about. We don't have television but he "YouTube's" it. He watches it at the Grandma's house. Wherever he can, he sucks it in and memorizes it and recites it to me daily! Between this show and his obsession for The Lord of the Rings...hmmmm, this must be a phase.

Every night for at least a month, if not more, he has gone to sleep playing the same song from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. He has it on repeat so that it plays over and over and over. If we don't shut if off at night, it is all we hear all night long. He loves this song SOOOO much that he has learned to play it on the piano just by ear. This may seem mean of me but I have asked him to STOP playing it on the piano at times because I just can't take the same song over and over and over again!

Ok, tell me...was there a song that you remember that you loved SOOO much that you played it over and over and over until your parents yelled at you to stop playing that song? I am sure I must have done it but I can't remember what the song was or if they ever told me to turn it off. Maybe I blocked it out of my memory because it was so traumatic. I don't know. Let me hear your stories.

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Jules said...

You know, one night I heard this sound of music going over and over again as I was lying there, trying to go to bed and I thought, "what in the heck is that?" So I tracked it down and sure enough, it was coming from sir Lancelot's room and I turned it off. Not just one night, but almost every night I was watching your house! He claims he was awake most times I came in and did so and complained about it, but man! It's no wonder he couldn't fall asleep with that song going!