Thursday, October 9, 2008

Send prayers/ healing energy this way please

The little man (my son, age nine)was born with a genetic bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta type I. He breaks bones more easily than most. Luckily his "type" is not the most severe kind. He doesn't break when you touch him or is unable to live a complete life because of his disease. Up until now, most of his breaks have been fairly manageable, not extremely painful.

Today though, I am sitting by his bedside in the hospital where they care for kids with chronic conditions. While playing on the monkey bars yesterday at school, he fell and landed quite wrong on his leg hearing his bone snap as he landed. We were unable to move him when I got there and called 911. He was in excruciating pain and it took hours to transport him to the ER. It then took hours to try and get an x-ray because he could not move his left leg and the pain was so horrible when anyone else touched it even with morphine.

What we know now is that he has a spiral fracture to his left femur. The x-ray they finally got was ugly. The doctor said that it looked more like the type of break you see when you are in a massive car accident.

We are currently waiting for the surgeon to tell us what will happen next. We know that he will have to have some kind of surgery to put the bone back into place and either put in plates or wires to stabilize it. After that he will probably be in a full body cast- BOTH legs and hips from his waist down to his toes for weeks.

If you at all believe in the power of prayer or healing collective energies, please send them to the little man. He will need to be strong and patient with himself. He will need to be brave in endure the pain and he will need have courage to not get DIScouraged...he WILL heal! I also pray that he will not have to go through another break like this again and that this will be his last large bone break.

We are lucky to have family around us at this time for strength and help as we will need it caring for him as the weeks go.

This is bad but could be worse. We have hospitals, we have medicine, we have food, we have shelter and our family is together. There are many people who have experienced worse. I send my healing energies to them as well as my own son.


Nancy L.K. Boyce said...

I send your little man prayers for healing. I too am a mom of a little boy, and I can't imagine him going through something like this. Try to keep positive and good thoughts are coming your way.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OH you better believe we'll be praying for you. Poor kid!

steviewren said...

Oh, I'll pray for him and you too.

Hilary said...

LLL, I'm so sorry your son is hurting. Sending my very best thoughts to you and your son. Please keep us posted?

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Nancy - Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks so much for good healing thougts.

Gary - Thanks as usual for checking in on me. It is great to have the support out there.

Thanks Stevie for your prayers - we can use them.

Hilary- Will do, thanks for your best thoughts out to him.