Thursday, August 7, 2008

Los Dos

Tuesday night was the night. The night to see both "Los Lonely Boys" and "Los Lobos". The Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater is an OK venue. The bleachers are a bit hard and you are packed in a bit close...but...if the weather is nice and the bugs aren't too bad, it is a beautiful spot to listen to quality music. The Professor and I brought our friends with. The Los Lobos crowd was an older group but very enthusiastic. A lot of 50 year old men in Hawaiian shirts. What is with the 50 year old men with Hawaiian shirts anyway? Believe me, they're in there.

My overall critique of the show was that Los Lobos has lost their "F-yeah" factor. That is what The Professor likes to call a certain groove that some bands or music just has. It is hard to replicate. Their music was slow where it shouldn't have been. They played only about five songs. David Hildago forgot the words to a cover he did by "Cream". It was pretty bad. Had they been up all night drinking or something? Who knows. Maybe they are just getting old. I loved seeing them but it was disappointing.

Los Lonely Boys, on the other hand, were amazing to watch live. I was never that impressed with their music in general but their live act was right ON! They had great showmanship, they were a tight band, and they are all awesome musicians. Los Lonely Boys should have been the main act for this one. I could have watched them all night.

In spite of the not so perfect concert, The Professor and I always enjoy a night out with friends. This was a great way to start our anniversary week. The big 10 is coming up on Friday...stay tuned.


gary rith said...

Los Lobos has been around a long time now, maybe their brains are....?

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Gary - I'm thinkin' you're right.

Good to hear from you. I've been extremely busy but well.

Lucas said...

What? No Vegas Vow-Renewal in the backyard? I know someone who has the PERFECT little red jumpsuit! :P Happy 10 kids!

Kappa no He said...

Heck, I don't think I could forget Cream lyrics. They're like ingrained. So glad Los Lonely Boys were great though! Looks like beautiful weather, too.


Latin Lupe Lu said...

Lucas - haha. I'm savin' the red suit for the 15th. Thanks for the well wishes.

Terrie- Good to hear from you :)