Thursday, July 3, 2008

46 MILLION Americans do not have health care

I heard this on the radio today. It is appalling to me. I have not expressed my political views that much on this blog but I find the health care situation in this country shameful.

The Little Man is going to need surgery in August, a tonsillectomy and adenoid removal. You won't believe the number of phone calls that I have had to make to ensure that our insurance will cover this procedure. Even with coverage, we will still have to pay through the nose because we have a high deductible. If I was given a meager hourly wage for the times in my life that I have spent on the phone with insurance companies, I'd have a healthy vacation savings (currently I have none).

The radio program that I was listening to interviewed Canadian ex-patriots who currently live in Minnesota. Some of them cursed the Canadian government run health care program while others said that when they want affordable, comprehensive health care, they go back to Canada. One Canadian also commented that not having to be stressed about being able to afford to see the doctor when you need to contributes to a happier, healthier life. The program did report that Canadians live, on average, longer than Americans and that babies have a higher rate of survival in Canada.

What do my Canadian neighbors say? What do the Americans say? Self-employed, no you work for a big organization because you know you'll then have health insurance? It is a dilemma that we are going to have to deal with.


gary rith said...

See, here's the point: between ME and MY DOCTOR is an organization (health insurers) who are trying to make a PROFIT on me. Why is some company trying to make a profit on my health??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
THAT is the problem. It is ridiculous, and it is why gov't run health insurance is cheaper, because gov'ts are not out to make a PROFIT on my health.
Scum-sucking bastards.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

GR- I agree! I lived in Mexico for awhile and while I was there I broke a tooth in half. I had to get a root canal and a cap. Because they don't have the insurance middle man there the whole deal cost me $80. I got GREAT care by a competent dentist and my tooth looks great! Here, that same procedure would cost $4,000!