Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swimming, swimming, swimming... cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Went another mile! I remember when I couldn't do flip turns all the way through the laps and now I CAN! I am building my lung capacity, making my heart stronger and hopefully toning parts of my body. I don't see any physical changes and I know I haven't lost any weight but it must be doing some good for the flab.

Instead of painting today, I cleaned. The Epilepsy Foundation is coming to my side of town tomorrow (or today, seein' that it is 1 am as I am writing this)and all I have to do is bag up my STUFF and put it on the curb. I have been stacking up things for the past couple months that I don't need, doesn't fit or is just taking up space. Today, I did a final sweep of the house to see what else I could put on the curb. I am proud to say that I have approximately 12 bags/boxes of stuff. The little man even made his contribution of a pirate's hat, puzzles, a tea set, a drum and some too small ties. Had the teenager and The Professor been here, I'm sure we could have gathered MORE STUFF.

Where does all the stuff come from? What kinds of stuff could you get rid of?

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steviewren said...

A couple of months ago my daughter helped me clean out my attic...OMG the stuff we got rid of! I feel so much lighter now...just knowing how much stuff I got out of the house makes me feel less burdened.

Good for you on unburdening yourself and helping someone else too. Now the trick is not letting it happen again isn't it? hehe...well for me for sure, I've already made a trip to the thrift store and brought home a pile of books. I am incorrigible.