Monday, April 28, 2008

How we celebrated Earth Day.

There is an annual Earth Day celebration down by the Mississippi River in Saint Paul. This year my little man was looking forward to the ritual of writing a wish on a kite and flying it high in the air. It was a gorgeous day...sunny, warm, a light breeze in the air.

Such different weather just a week later here in MN.

Enjoy these pictures of a warmer, sunnier day.

Bamboo hut with windchimes hanging inside. The chimes were by a microphone and heard over speakers that were set throughout the island.

My sister Amy enjoying the day!


Amy said...

Could you have picked a worse picture? GEEZ! I look like the big nosed German, dark haired Mexican, pasty Irish woman that I am-who got so sunburnt that day being out for first day since winter in her German-Irish pasty white skin! Plus, I love the look of "this is me looking right into the sun!" NICE!!!

Latin Lupe Lu said...

It's you mi it or not, that is how you look sometimes. I think it is a cute picture.

Amy said...

Do I REALLY look like that? I look so much better in my own imagination, that the reality is often hard to take!! LOL