Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall in St. Paul

We have had an unusually wet fall here in St. Paul, MN. Monday and Tuesday this week have been the first succession of sunny days in weeks! Outdoor rainy shots are not my forte...but I tried. The fall sunny shots turned out much better. Here are some shots that I have taken over the last few weeks.
This was yesterday. It became unusually windy around 4 pm. The little man and I were driving over the High Bridge at 5 pm, the clouds had these eye catching long, flat bottoms and the sun was peeking out and reflecting on the buildings downtown. We had to stop the car, run over the bridge and get this shot. As we did this, I realized that the little man had never walked on the bridge before. We drive back and forth over it daily but in his eight years of life he had never set foot on the that was something we remedied yesterday afternoon.
The wind was amazingly strong. The little man was concerned he might blow away and clung to me for dear life. If possible, THAT would have been the picture to being pushed and pulled by the wind while I tried to snap this shot. Of course, by the time I got to the spot I needed to, what I had seen 3 minutes ago was gone but it is still not a bad shot of the city.

This is a Maple on the campus of the College of Saint Catherine. This fly is enjoying his last days in the sunshine.

This was taken during one of the many consecutive days of rainfall on my walk to my car.

My drive to work in the morning. I saw the train coming and did try to jump out of my car to get the shot of the engine in the rain coming down the track but was too late. Oh well...

I think this is a Maple tree. It sits on the end of E. Page St. and I go by it daily. It truly brings a feeling of wonder and awe to the sometimes hard urban existence.

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