Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moonshine and Trumpet Vines

These white flowers only open in the moonlight. Kailash says that some of them only open when the moon is full. This was the first time that we saw them open. We planted the flowers from seeds that were given to us by our good friend Paul. Paul and Kailash had a long discussion one evening last summer about flowers. At some point during the evening, the conversation turned to flowers that would only come out with the moon. Shortly after that night, we received these seeds in the mail.

Given a little dirt, water and sunshine, it amazes me what Mother Earth births.
I also added pictures of our stunning Trumpet Vines - what a brillant orange they are!


Terry said...

We have those same Moon Flowers. My wife, daughter, and I once sat down and stared at the blooms on our plant as the sunset, so that we could watch them open. Bees circled around the blooms and tried to force their way in, but they couldn't until the flower let them. Dressed in white, these virginal brides are bashful until the sun sets.

Latin Lupe Lu said...

Beautifully said Terry. Our family should do the same. It would be really cool to see them open. I showed the flowers to my sister this weekend and she was perplexed having never seen flowers that don't open when the sun shines.